❤ I can't always make up my mind, but I am boldly undecided ❤

Ambivalence means loving and hating something at the same time, which is often confused for an inability to make up one’s mind, or not having a strong opinion.  Not being a fan of having to make up my mind, I have decided to remain in-between,  boldly undecided. 

This tumblr is the visual representation component of Ambivalently Yours. This is where I post my daily drawings and photos of all things ambivalently inclined (or randomly pink).  I also have a blog (ambivalently-yours.com) where I write longer blog posts (and some rants) about the things I draw about.  Each drawing is usually linked to a blog post. Follow the links scattered throughout my posts to read more.

❤❤SUBMIT YOUR DRAWING REQUESTS: I am constantly searching for other people who also embrace ambivalence like me. If you have a drawing request, a question or something to share please submit through the ask tab! http://ambivalentlyyours.tumblr.com/ask

❤ I can’t always make up my mind, but I am boldly undecided.