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Anonymous asked: I seem to only surround myself by people who are better than me. Better at school, sport, socially and prettier. I get that it's not always a big deal but its hard for me. I was hoping you could draw something along the lines of "its hard never being good enough"

Dear Anon,

I know it sucks to feel like everyone around you is always better than you, and I think that even the strongest, most confident people feel that way at some time or another.  However, I feel like what you need right now, more than empathy, or a self-loathing drawing about how you are not good enough, is a bit of honesty and tough love.  

You can’t base your self worth on other people. People are different, we have different strengths and weaknesses, and our differences are what make us interesting, and are often what make us compatible. Unfortunately, we live in this insane world, obsessed with competition and being #1!! It’s like every show on tv right now is some competition about being the best signer, dancer, artist, model, extreme couponer, or whatever.  What all those shows have in common is that they only promote the value of the one winner.  It’s ridiculous!  Every time I watch those shows I ask myself: why can’t there be a lot of winners?  Why must we always feel this need to be greater than everyone else?  

I know it’s hard sometimes.  I have a ton of creative friends who are more successful, more talented or more traditionally attractive than me, and pretty much everyone I have ever met in my life is better than me at sports, but instead of giving in to the feelings of jealousy that haunt me from time to time, I use my energy to motivate myself to work harder.  And often it helps, not always, but often. And it’s ok if it’s hard sometimes.  

Also, it should be mentioned that your friends are not actually better than you. What does success mean anyway?  How can you measure it?  It’s a well known fact that standardized testing is a flawed system, and that concepts of beauty are constantly changing.  So who can really judge who is THE BEST? It’s all so subjective. Just keep reminding yourself that other people’s successes are not your failures. In a world that encourages shameless competition (especially between women) the most radical thing you can do is to stop competing and to start collaborating, encouraging and rooting for your friends, as I am sure they will do for you.  Because what’s the point of being the best if you’re all alone the bask in the glory?

The next drawing I post is for you <3


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